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The Struggle Is Real: A Beginners Guide To Running With Big Boobs

Deciding you want to get in on the running trend when you’ve got big boobs to deal with can be pretty frustrating. It seems pretty unfair that all your friends can get out there, knock out a 5k and return home without an ache or pain when you’re struggling to keep the girls under wraps and stop yourself from getting a black eye.

Compared to being a man, running with boobs of any size is extra effort but there’s no reason you can’t enjoy it. Here’s some of the issues big boobed babes have when they decide to give running a go.

Serious Back Pain

A pair of D-cups can weigh as much as 23-24lbs and with this kind of weight attached to your front it’s natural for your body to hunch over and your posture to become unnatural. A hunched running posture will seriously hurt your lower back and can lead to serious industry.

The key to keeping yourself upright and fixing that big boobed posture is opting for a sports bra which has strong, wide straps. These straps are basically doing all hard work of keeping your boobs in place. Doing some additional exercises that focus on your back such as pull-downs and one-arm dumbbell rows will also help to strengthen your back so it doesn’t seize up as soon as you set off.


Black Eye Bounce

How much bounce you’ve got in your boobs depends on their size and the elasticity of your skin. As the skin becomes less elastic the bounce increases so if you’ve had to put up with a bit of bounce on your first it will sadly only get worse.

Research has been carried out into the bounciness of bigger boobs and found that the average 38D pair moves around 5” from top to bottom during a treadmill run whilst smaller breasts bounce less. A good quality shock absorbing sports bra can help keep those boobs contained and reduce the distraction of the bounce.

Chafing Pain

A good sports bra is the key to avoiding the pain that comes with chafing. The less your bra moves the risk there is of chafing. However, with bigger boobs comes more chance of chafe regardless of your bra so experts recommend anti-chafe solutions so you can avoid it altogether. Sweat-wicking materials for your bras too can help ensure that chafing is avoided and minor irritations are avoided too as they can quickly develop into much bigger, more painful problems.anigif_original-grid-image-16615-1433445839-1

The Solution: Choosing the Perfect Sports Bra

So you need a sports bra that keeps the twins perfectly in place  and distributes the weight across your shoulders well. You should look out for bras which offer high support with additional element such as moulded cups and padded straps. Look out for all of these elements:

  • The main band: for a good sports bra you should be looking for a band which is made of wide and strong elastic material. It should support your breasts without any back bulges.
  • The shoulder straps: always opt for wide and padded straps which don’t dig in and can support the weight of your boobs.
  • The cups: a good sports bra will have full cups that cover your boobs completely and ensure they are unable to bounce. Running bra sizes are often different to regular sizes so consider getting re-fitted.

Some great running bra choices for bigger boobs include:


1. Shock Absorber: Ultimate Run Bra

Optimized-Screen Shot 2016-07-28 at 16.02.45

The name says it all, Shock Absorber bras are designed to keep bounce down to a minimum whilst also providing you with the support you need. This bra has been designed with running mind and rubbing and chafing are kept to a minimum too thanks to a seam-free concealed elastic design.

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2. Panache Sports Ultimate Bra

Optimized-Screen Shot 2016-07-28 at 16.11.53

Comfortably designed to ensure your boobs are perfectly encased throughout your runs. It is moulded for additional support and has those extra wide straps that big boobs need. It is recommended you always lather on your chosen lubricant before going for a run to avoid chafe with this design.

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Buy from the U.K


3. Freya Active Crop Top

Optimized-Screen Shot 2016-07-28 at 16.16.55

Well-structured and underwired, the Freya Active Crop Top kind of behaves like a mini-corset for your boobs. They’re perfectly held in place and bounce is kept to a minimum. Fans recommend you always team your Freya Crop Top with an additional performance running t-shirt or vest for a little extra support boost.

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4. PureLime Compression Bra

Optimized-Screen Shot 2016-07-28 at 16.22.34

Offering maximum support for all high impact exercise and long distance running, the PureLime Compression Bra fits up to size GG. It is popular due to the comfort factor which is manages to combined with structured support, so you feel like you can run for miles.

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The padded straps add a little more support once more and each bra is made from Coolmax materials which helps keep any perspiration under control. The PureLime Compression Bra can also be enjoyed with an in-built Heart Rate Monitor 


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