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9 Ways To Tell If A Guy Likes You. If He Doesn’t Do These, Ditch Him.

Some guys really struggle to express their feelings and it might be that your choice of dreamboat really does want to hook up with you, he just doesn’t know how to put it into words. If you like him and you’re trying to work out whether he likes you back, look out for these signs…

1. He Keeps Touching You

OK, this sounds creepy but it often gets overlooked. If he’s trying to find excuses to stand near you at work or linger around your desk, if he takes you for dinner and leans in close, if he keeps you near him when you’re crossing the road, and if he touches your back when your in in a busy bar (the list goes on)  then it doesn’t take a genius to know he’s into you!

2. He Treats You Like a Queen

Let’s face it, all girls deserve to be treated like royalty but if a guy isn’t really into you, he just won’t bother. Expect chivalry! Just because you’re a modern, badass , independent Woman doesn’t mean he can slack on the chair pulling and door opening.  If he goes above and beyond to make sure you’re treated well, he’s into you!

3. He Doesn’t Care If You Get Seen Together

If you never see him with other girls and you never hear him talking about them, don’t be naive and think they don’t exist. Guys will string along their options until they’ve chosen one to commit to. However, if he’s always asking to see you and take you out in public places (not low key places where no one goes) then chances are you’re the ‘option’ he wants to go with.

9 Ways To Tell If A Guy Likes You. If He Doesn't Do These, Ditch Him.

4. He Makes Excuses to See You

If you’re sat with your friends and he comes over to see you, he’s got balls. No guy wants to enter the lions den unless they really think it’s worth it.  Not only does he do this to be near you, but he’s  making the effort to get to know your friends too which shows he cares.  If he bails on the boys night out to see you, he’s ready to make a relationship a priority over his social life.

5. He Calls You When He’s Drunk 

Yes he may be drunk and horny but the fact he’s calling you when he’s drunk means you matter more than all the other tempting options in the club.  He could have gone home with any other girl but he’s calling you. They say that the person on your mind when your drunk is the one you should be with (or something along those lines) So if you wake up to a barrage of texts and missed calls on Sunday morning, you know he’s into you.

6. He Basks in Your Attention

If the guy turns into an over excited child or an attention seeker when you’re around, it’s pretty obvious he likes you. However, this can be really annoying because you still want him to play it cool. Without being a complete bitch, ignore him until he acts normal again. No one wants a cringe bag for a boyfriend, even if it is flattering that he’s trying to impress you.

9 Ways To Tell If A Guy Likes You. If He Doesn't Do These, Ditch Him.

7. He Pays Attention To Detail 

If he makes comments about your favourite things, remembers your favourite restaurant, comments on your current Netflix series, or simply refers to something you said weeks ago, he’s making an effort to get to know you inside out. Paying attention to detail and actually listening to what you say. That is worth 10 big effort points.

8. He Likes Your Social Media Stuff

This sounds basic but you’ll be surprised how little this actually happens. Most guys are snakes and they don’t want all of their ‘options’ to see who else they’re into. So if a guy is liking or commenting on your selfies and statuses, it means he doesn’t care who knows that he likes you.

9. He Doesn’t Ask You For Nudes – BONUS POINTS!

This is rare, and don’t be under any illusions that just because he did ask you for them it means he doesn’t like you, because it’s 2016 and every guy enjoys a good nude, especially if it’s from the girl he genuinely likes. BUT, if he doesn’t ask you for nudes and he doesn’t even try and sleep with you, this either means he’s the traditional type and really respects you and wants to get to know you first, or it means he’s gay.

9 Ways To Tell If A Guy Likes You. If He Doesn't Do These, Ditch Him.

Remember, men are not complicated creatures and very often act just like children. If he’s not making an effort with you, it’s not because he’s trying to play it cool, it’s because he just doesn’t like you. So move on sweetie there’s plenty more stud muffins out there…

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