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9 Life Lessons You Should Learn Before Entering Your 20s

Now that I’m at the ripe old age of 26 (27 soon, urgh), I can look back at the majority of my 20’s with a sense of “ahh, I get it now”

Whilst I don’t regret anything, there’s things that I didn’t necessarily understand at the time which felt like the worse things in the world. If i’d known what to expect, maybe I would have dealt with those situations a bit better. But who knows, being the emotional wreck I am I probably wouldn’t have coped any better…

But for the sake of this post, here are 9 life lessons I’ve learned that I think everyone should know before they hit their 20’s…

1. People grow apart.


There is a high chance that your best friend now won’t be your BFF in a few years, and that’s ok. Life moves on and people move. Jobs and relationships take their toll and before you know it, you’ve both completely grown apart.  You’ll probably only stay in touch with a few of the friends you swore you’d always be the best of friends with, but as you get older and meet new people, your priorities change and you might only message a yearly “happy birthday” to someone you share everything with now.

2. Heartbreak is inevitable.


You can try with all your might to live a completely emotionless life, but none of us are immune to feelings and heartbreak, some people just hide it better. There’s a chance you’ll experience your fair share of heartbreak, (mainly from fuckboys) but just remember that you’re also strong enough to get over it. Just join Tinder and get yourself a god rebound.

3. People die.


As kids, we’re typically kept away from all the death talk and only when it’s a close relative do we really feel the emotional strain of losing someone. When we age, it becomes a sad part of our everyday reality and you’ll either see, read or hear about a death related story in the media on a daily basis. Older family members also get old and die (to put it bluntly). Death is the only thing in life that’s certain, and all we can do is learn to deal with it.

4. You have to work hard to get what you want.


It’s simple but its true. Nothing will be handed to you. You have to go out there, approach the real world and take what you want. Be ruthless with your dreams and work your socks off until you get what you want.

5. Don’t be a pushover.

Helping others every now and then is a good thing, but letting people take advantage of you isn’t. If you let people step all over you, then you’ll be the only one hurting in the long run. Don’t let that happen.Learn to say “no.” Don’t ever do something that makes you uncomfortable. Always put yourself first. If you don’t, then who’s going to?


6. Sleep is important.

As children, we do everything in our power to stay up as late as possible. The truth, however, is that sleep is a valuable and necessary asset. When you start pulling all-nighters and relying on power naps, a 9 pm bedtime seems like a dream.

As Arianna Huffington says…

“Sleep your way to the top”

7. The world can be cruel.


We grow up idolizing fantastical fairytales and “happy ever afters,” but in reality, they’re just that: fairytales. Whether it’s in your personal life or on a global scale, bad things happen all the time. Accept them as they come, and try not to lose sight of the good in the world.

8. Your circle may become small. 


There are few things more valuable than having people you know will always be by your side. If there are people in your life who are there for you emotionally, physically or morally, cherish them and never let them go. You may find you go through a tonne of fake friends and hanger-on-ers at first,  but eventually the good ones will show.

9. Celebrate the good, the bad and the ugly.

While most of the things on this list might seem pessimistic, just remember that life is short. Do what makes you happy and make the most of your life. You’re 20’s will teach you so much about who you really are and what life is really about. Enjoy the journey…


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