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8 Ways Coconut Oil Can Save You A Fortune On Beauty Products

If you’re not already obsessed with coconut oil , you will be after reading this post. Celebs are crazy for the stuff, Mindy Kaling puts it in her hair, Emma Stone uses it as makeup remover , Jennifer Aniston smothers it all over herself and Miranda Kerr drinks it (in her green tea).

As well as being a great substitute for replacing bad fats and a healthy cooking oil, this super food has an array of other benefits which really shouldn’t be ignored. Using coconut oil can save you a tonne of money on a bunch of expensive products you’d usually buy and what’s more to love is that it’s a completely natural product!

So why is it so fabulous?

1. Make-Up Remover

Whether you’re removing your makeup with it, or using it as a pre-shower treatment, coconut oil’s richness leaves your skin feeling soft as silk. It also has antibacterial and deodorising properties so you can even use it on your pits!

2. Hair Mask

The perfect conditioning treatment! Coconut oil will see frizz and dryness off in a heartbeat. Melt and massage into your hair for 45 minutes and then thoroughly wash out before shampooing. Your hair will be softer and shinier than ever before.

3. Supermodel Skin

There’s no better way to get that gorgeous healthy glow. And because coconut oil is completely natural,  you’re not feeding your pores with bad chemicals and toxins. We recommend lathering it on all over your body after a shower, before getting ready for a night out. Not only will it  nourish your skin deeply, but it’ll leave you feeling and looking like a million bucks.

6 Reasons Coconut Oil Can Save You A Fortune On Beauty Products

Gisele Bundchen is known for her organic, natural approach to cosmetics and is a huge fan of coconut oil for her skin.

4. Natural Sun Screen

Coconut oil has a natural SPF of 4-5 and contains antioxidants that help protect the skin from harmful radiation from the sun. Lather it all over your body in regular intervals when out in the sun and enjoy the moisturising benefits while being protected and having a gorgeous sun-glow.

5. Shaving Gel 

Using coconut oil as a shaving gel on your legs is the best way to nourish the pores whilst they are open and exposed to products. Simply rub the oil onto your legs the exact same way you’d use shaving gel. The oil will penetrate deep into the pores and prevent your legs from drying out after shaving.

6. Natural Teeth Whitener

Coconut oil has anti-bacterial properties and natural whitening agents which make it the perfect natural option for teeth whitening. Simply place a tablespoon of oil in your mouth every morning and swish around for 10-20 minutes before spitting it out. (Don’t swallow) The oil will draw out all of the impurities from your gums and teeth giving you great mouth hygiene as well as naturally whitening your teeth.

 7. Lubricant

Gwyneth Paltrow has recently spoken out about the toxicity of many popular sex lubricants and has encouraged people to switch to coconut oil. Use it exactly the same way,  and it’ll even moisturise your most sensitive parts at the same time. Win win!

8. Natural Thrush Treatment

Yes, it even works for that too! Many Women experience thrush at some point in their lives and it can be pretty embarrassing having to go to the store to buy the creams/treatments for it. Thanks to this miracle oil, you can save yourself the trouble. Just take a tampon (preferably organic) and soak it in coconut oil until it’s absorbed the oil and is saturated right through. Then insert and leave it there for a few hours or even overnight.  Within 2 days the thrush could be completely gone.

(You can google that for more science based proof, but trust us, it really does work)

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