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8 Things We Can Learn From Kim Kardashian West To Succeed In Business

Love her or loathe her, there’s no denying Kim Kardashian is a big hit when it comes to business. With her personal wealth of around $50Million , a huge family fortune of $300 Million and not to forget the empire she’s built with hubby Kanye West, Kim Kardashian isn’t short of cash.

Many love to say that Kim is only famous because of ‘that’ video that was ‘leaked’ in 2007 and they’re not wrong. But whilst that may have been the initial thing that got everyones attention, 9 years on Kim and her whole family are more successful than ever  – so she’s definitely done a lot of things right along the way.

In a recent interview for Variety, Kim reveals her three rules for succeeding in business:

  • “You have to be organized. It might be really simple, but if you’re not fully organized, it becomes a huge problem.”
  • “Not being lazy. The reality is people don’t want to get up and work. It sounds crazy, but I see it all the time.”
  • “If you find something you’re really passionate about, figure out a way to make that your job. Then you’ll be happy. If you aren’t doing what you want to do, you’ll be frustrated.”

Here’s another 9 things we can learn from the media Queen when it comes to succeeding in business…

1. Be open and share your life

The good the bad and the ugly. Kim’s social media accounts post content all day, everyday. Whether she’s promoting a product or sharing a selfie, she’s a marketing and PR genius and always on the minds of her fans. Embrace every platform of social media, even if it doesn’t directly convert into a customer. Building a brand socially sounds basic, but people still aren’t doing it properly because they don’t see the point. Give your audience insights into your personal life instead of just selling to them all the time.  Kim’s snapchat is a perfect example of this where she shares videos of her children one minute but then informs the viewers of a product she loves the next.

2. Have an opinion

Just because you’re in the public eye or having to represent your business doesn’t mean you have to keep your mouth shut. Being controversial encourages conversation and will get your name seen. Obviously don’t say or do anything that will be completely detrimental (That’s just common sense). Kim is often included in twitter feuds with other celebs which usually end up trending and as a result drive people to her page and to her app.Kpdxom

3. Take time with your fans

Whether you’re building a personal brand or you have customers that buy your products, making an effort with them will go a long way. Doing things like taking selfies when you see them, replying to tweets and engaging with them online is a must. You can’t expect people to shower you with attention if you don’t make the effort back. 

4. Turn a negative into a positive


When Kim rose to overnight fame after the sex tape, she didn’t hide away from the world and wallow in guilt, she owned it used the attention she gained to her advantage. The same goes for business, if you find yourself in a situation that seems shitty,  find a way to use it to your advantage. Once you’ve got your audience, you can tell or sell them anything.

5. Take risks

Kim is known for doing a lot of naked photoshoots, wearing some interesting outfit choices and shocking everyone with hairstyles. We’re not telling you to go and get your kit off, but doing something outside of your comfort zone and something that gains you attention (good or bad) will keep you and your business current.

There’s no such thing as bad press.

6. Multiple streams of revenue


It’s naive to rely on just one income stream in your business and you should aim for as many as you can manage effectively. Whether that’s monetising online content in different ways, selling new products, doing offline events, or whatever else, adding different streams of income to your business will help to increase it’s value, attract a new audience and give your brand more longevity.  Not only does Kim earn money from the family show Keeping up with the Kardashians, she also earns money from her gaming app, personal app, the family clothes store DASH, celebrity appearances, her own products as well as product endorsements.

7. Friends in high places

They say you become the 5 people you associate with the most and this couldn’t be more true. If you’re in business, you need more like minded business friends around you rather than friends who are just working a day to day job to get by. As nice as they may be, they won’t understand what you’re trying to achieve. The people around you are key for supporting you and other equally successful or highly motivated friends will usually know someone who knows someone that you can do business with.

In Kim’s case, she’s managed to befriend the best luxury designers in the world (who are quite happy to cloth her for free) as well as become best mates with most of Hollywood.

It’s not what you know, it’s who you know (cliche but true)

8. Own the negativity


Haters are going to hate no matter what. Anyone who experiences the slightest bit of success is open to the attacks from haters. When this happens, keep your head high, remain un-affected and just laugh it off. When you find yourself starting to get the odd negative remark , congratulate yourself, it means you’re doing well.

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