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8 Passive Aggressive Things People Say to Piss You Off (And What They Really Mean)

Some people simply cannot get beyond being seriously passive aggressive every time they open their mouths. Sometimes, it might be because they really can’t be honest with you (do you really need them in your life if that’s the case?) and some people are just natural bitches. Passive aggressive comments can ruin friendships and here are some of the most irritating things you’ll hear from that passive aggressive friend.

“I’m Not Mad” – When you clearly are

When people say they’re not mad then they reeeeeally, really are, all this means is that they can’t be bothered to be straight with you in fears of an arguments arising. Instead, they’ll choose to keep the issue inside them and let it eat away at them making them angry and bitter. They may even bitch to their friends about the you and the issue but still won’t be straight with you.

“You Could Do SO Much Better”

Your friend dismissing your latest man is always irritating, especially if you really like the guy. She may make concessions and agree that he’s ‘quite cute’ but the emphasis is always on the fact you could be doing so much better. Coming straight out and telling you that she doesn’t like your boyfriend is really out of order, especially if it comes out of nowhere and whilst you may need to have a think about your man and whether he’s right, it’s worth thinking about whether your friend might be jealous.

“Why Are You Always SO Emotional?”

Passive aggression is a coward’s way of avoiding confrontation or saying what they really think. The friend with the problem will whine and wheedle to try and convince you to think their way but when you don’t or if you get remotely pissed off, this is the line you’ll hear. It’s one of those you’re best ignoring because seriously, this is somebody who doesn’t want to argue with you but wants to see you react. Defend your actions but don’t get snappy or annoyed at their comments, that’s what they expect.

“I thought you knew”

This is what people say when they 110% knew, that you didn’t know whatever it is you’re discussing. Usually this is something like a top secret that they let out of the bag or their attempt to make you feel bad about not knowing something.

“I don’t mind that You’re ALWAYS Late”

Ergo she’s really pissed off that you’re always late. It’s one of those things you wonder, why does she even bother saying it? Whatever you had planned now has this shadow hanging over it and it’s much harder to enjoy your time together. Lateness may be your bad habit and it may annoy the hell out of your friends but there’s better ways of going about things then sniping at you as soon as you arrive.

“I was only joking” – When they clearly, were not joking

This is what someone says when they’ve been a bitch or gone too far with a joke and crossed the line. They try to cover up their nastiness by saying it was a joke but by then your feelings are already hurt.

“You look so much BETTER now you’ve Lost Weight”

There’s something very different between praising someone for looking fabulous and slimming down and commenting how much BETTER they look now. You’re immediately going to worry about how fat you looked before and rather than focusing on the good, these kind of comments drag you back into the past. The insult in this is implicit, you were SO fat before how did you bear it? It’s sad that someone who is supposed to be your friend focuses on the negatives and the best thing to with this kind of comment is take it as a compliment, that’ll soon shut them up.

“Of Course I’ll Do That for You!” (And Then They Don’t)

There’s heavy emphasis on the ‘of course’ when your friend agrees to organise your hen party or something else super important to you tells you all you need to know. Social pressure makes people feel they have to say yes when really they should just say no. If you feel there’s a little too much emphasis on the statement and it doesn’t just ring true let them off the hook. The last thing you need is them being unenthusiastic on your special occasion so you end up snapping back with an equally passive aggressive ‘Fine’.

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