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7 Ways To Get More Done Without Going Insane

Do you struggle to think clearly on a day to day basis and worry that simple tasks cannot be fulfilled? Do you start something and then move onto something else without finishing it? Or, are you purely just forgetful in your daily routine? Well don’t worry, you’re completely normal! Here’s a few tips to help clear your mind and help you think straight…


A lot of people have mixed views on meditation, but the proof is in the results. Daily meditation helps you to start your day with a clearer mind and prepare yourself for what’s ahead. It controls your breathing and reduces stress levels significantly. By taking time out to sit and just be, helps you get back on track with what you should be doing but in a more focused and relaxed way.


When business is busy, it can be hard to find time to exercise and sometimes the thought of dragging yourself to the gym is the last thing you want to do. Unfortunately, you must. Start by taking a small amount of time out of your day and dedicate it to some sort of physical activity. Join a team, attend a class, even just walk up and down some stairs or go for a casual jog. Anything that keeps your body active will help your mental state.
The more you exercise, the more you free your mind. Solutions to problems will come and stress and anxiety will go. So, no excuses, get those trainers on and get out there!

3.Train Your Brain

By keeping your brain busy during the day, you’re helping your mind get into active mode which makes it easier to make decisions and find solutions to problems. Games like suduko, cross words, nintendo brain training along with plenty of brain training apps, can all help you focus and think clearly. However not everyone will have time to play games but it’s useful if you use public transport or have the luxury of a lunch break.

4.Cut Out The Crap

Maintaining a healthy diet is vital whether your running a business or not. The food and drinks you consume all have different effects on how you think and how your body acts.
By cutting out sugar and caffeine and sticking to natural foods and water, you’ll find your energy levels will last longer throughout the day and you won’t be left with that horrible lathargic, shattered feeling before the day is even over.

5.Leave Work At Work

Segregating work life from home life is important for your own sanity but especially if you’re in a relationship or have kids. If you happen to work from home, try to devise a cut off point at which you stop working completely and focus on those around you. By segregating home and work you’ll not only find that your family or friends don’t suffer but you’ll deal with your work day more efficiently in order to get things done there and then.

6. Let go of negativity

Holding a grudge and thinking angry thoughts is effectively the same as drinking bleach. You’re poisoning your mind and body with bad toxins. Next time something annoys you, think to yourself, ‘Is it really worth the head space?’ – 9 times out of 10 it won’t be.Take a deep breath and let it go. By removing what’s not important from your mind allows more space to focus on what is.

7. Get A Grip And Get On With It

Most importantly… stop procrastinating and just do it. The longer you put something of doesn’t stop it from going away and it usually just makes it seem like more of a mission. Instead, be straight with yourself and set yourself tasks to get the dreaded things done. Once they are out of the way you will feel so much a better and that cloud of anxiety will just float away.


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