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7 Tips To Get The Best Beauty Sleep Every Night

There’s nothing cool about waking up feeling like crap. But if you look in the mirror and look like crap too, your day won’t be off to the best start.  You wanna make sure you look fresh-faced as much as you can. Whether you’ve been out all night or in bed by 9, these seven tips will ensure that your beauty isn’t compromised as you sleep.

1.   Set the Perfect Scene

Get your zen on. Get some meditation music going and spritz your pillow with a good quality sleep spray. Once in bed take some deep breaths and you have set the scene you need to give your whole body the rest it needs. Even if you don’t get the perfect eight hours, you’ll be getting a better quality of sleep.

2.   Eat your Water

Yeah you read that right. It’s never a good idea to down pint after pint of water before you sleep, you’ll be up all night peeing but you can eat your water content. Water in veg and nuts releases hydration throughout your body on a slow release. Your skin will remain hydrated all night long, rather than drying out because of too much salt and sugar.

4.   ALWAYS Take Off Your Makeup

There’s nothing quite as rank as waking up with last night’s makeup on. If you find yourself in this situation more often than you want to admit then this simple tip will see you right. It sounds like common sense but keeping high quality face wipes at the side of your bed gives you no excuse not to wipe it all off. Save yourself from clogged pores, sore, itchy eyes and nasty makeup stains on your bedding. Your skin will thank you for it.

3.   Avoid Pillow Face

Yeah, pillow face really is a thing. Sleep wrinkles are a genuine problem and they can be caused by your skin being pushed and pulled up against your pillow. They form as your skin’s collagen reduces as you wriggle in your sleep. So, train yourself to keep off the face. Silk pillows are also getting huge praise amongst celebs such as the Kardashians and Jennifer Aniston as they’re they best fabric for your skin and can even help to hold off ageing for years.

According to Khloé and Kourtney Kardashian, “silk pillowcases will prevent wrinkles.”  CelebBuzz said that the girls apparently have all swapped out cotton pillowcases, giving new meaning to the term “beauty sleep.”


5. Drink With Your Skin In mind

Bad sleep quality makes your skin extra vulnerable to drying out and dehydrating so never go to sleep with thirst on the mind. If you’re on a night out, opt for soda water and similarly hydrating mixers as alcohol is already going to dehydrate your skin. Don’t be drinking cola, fruit juice or (obvs) energy drinks before bed as your skin will be thirsty and you’ll be adding extra energy when you should be winding down.

6. Invest In an Eye-Mask

eyemskEye masks are great for keeping out any light but if you opt for a silk eye mask it can also help keep sleep wrinkles at bay. Silk ensures your skin is as crease free as possible for as long as possible. It just loves your skin and can help to lock in moisture whilst you doze.

7. Ditch All Things Digital

Sitting up on your phone ain’t gonna do you any favours.  Ditch the phone, ditch the TV and go all out into a peaceful, perfect environment for sleep. Screens in bed can cause serious eye strain and they can also push your body back to being fully awake, even though it’s genuinely exhausted.

QUEENIC LOVESDon’t worry if you didn’t manage to get the recommended 8 hours, here’s some of our favourite emergency ‘go to’s’ for the morning after a heavy night…

Screen Shot 2016-06-14 at 15.26.49




Eve Lom Rescue Mask

An award-winning complexion booster, this mask helps to reduce blotchy skin and minimize irritation. Its Cooling Camphor helps decongest, while kaolin absorbs excess oil while reducing redness and puffiness. Ground almonds gently exfoliate for a smoother complexion as honey helps condition, leaving skin clean, soft, smooth and radiant.









bareMinerals Well-Rested CC Eye Primer

bareMinerals Well-Rested CC Eye Primer is a color-correcting primer that instantly cools and recharges skin with a revitalizing mineral blend along with aloe and caffeine plus a hint of tint. It diminishes the look of dark circles and imperfections as well. Wear alone or under makeup to extend the wear of eye color and concealer.










Laura Mercier High Coverage Concealor

Cover undereye circles, blemishes, unwanted dark spots and uneven skin tone with High Coverage concealer by Laura Mercier. The medium-to-full coverage formula is highly pigmented to blend and build flawlessly for professional makeup results from the comfort of your home. Its blend of honey, vitamin E and fruit acid nourish and smooth skin.






Screen Shot 2016-06-17 at 16.30.48




bareMineralsComplexion Rescue

bareMinerals Complexion Rescue is a BB cream, a CC cream and a tinted moisturizer all in one. It increases skin hydration in just one week while leaving you with beautiful sheer-to-medium coverage for a radiant, soft, smooth finish. Mineral electrolytes help replenish thirsty skin while marine botanicals boost hydration, and heart-leaf globe daisy—an antioxidant—helps protect against environmental stressors. It even offers mineral-based broad-spectrum SPF 30 protection.

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