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5 Ways To Have A Successful Shopping Day

If you’re hitting the high street (or mall)  to hunt for something specific, there are some things to keep in mind if you want to call your spending spree a success. Don’t forget these golden shopping rules on your next trip.

Get what you need AND get what you want!

5 Ways To Have A Successful Shopping Day

It’s kinda depressing if you’ve got to get all serious and go shopping for something practical. So balance it out with something you actually want. Yeah, you need a new skirt for work but there’s nothing wrong with spoiling yourself on something completely unpractical if it makes you happy.

Go with your gut

5 Ways To Have A Successful Shopping Day

Don’t buy something just for the sake of it. Only buy it if it’s love at first site and you can afford it. If you’re strapped for cash, don’t buy it. You’ll only be riddled with guilt every time you open your wardrobe and see it there. Make purchases that are in line with your income and you’ll feel great.

Dress accordingly

5 Ways To Have A Successful Shopping Day

If you’re planning on trying on clothes in a bunch of different shops, it’s wise to wear something thats easy to take on and off so your not forever undressing and re-dressing in the changing room. If you’re the type to spend the whole day shopping, flats are a must!  Make sure your hair and makeup are on fleek if you’re shopping for something dressy, so when you look in the mirror you get a clear idea of how the whole look would work. An evening outfit can look completely different with your hair and makeup done.  

Take the right friends

5 Ways To Have A Successful Shopping Day

It can be fun to have all your girls with you but sometimes it’s best to only  take the friends you know you can trust. We’ve all got a friend who says we look fab, even when we know we don’t and vice versa some girls have that jealous streak where they say you don’t look good when in actual fact, you look the  So only take friends that you know are going to be honest.

Vino Break

5 Ways To Have A Successful Shopping Day

A good day shopping isn’t complete without the occasional break and the occasional break is no fun without a glass of wine. Or a bottle. One wine to every four to five shops is a good aim. You never know, your favourite tipple may have a positive influence on your purchases. It may even make you see sense and stop you going back for the dungarees you thought were cute.

Whether you’re a woman on a mission every time you hit the shops or you always end up heading home unsatisfied, you’ll enjoy every trip much more if you stick to these rules.

One last bit of advice  – Always buy the shoes. 


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