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5 Things You Should Never Do On Tinder (Unless You Want A Bad Tinder Rep)

So not something I would normally do, but a few of my friends are turning to a life of Tinder and after being on it (shamefully) for 8 months I’ve tried telling them all they need to know. Here are my top 5 tips:

5. Don’t let yourself become Tinder famous

My friend told me the other day that a few people have ‘asked’ about me due to us matching and him being my mutual friend. This is when you know you NEED to get off Tinder. When people ask you ‘are you Chelsea from Tinder?’ you know you need to slow down.

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4. Always check the mutual friends

So I was messaging this guy and ended up ‘snogging’ him when I saw him on a night out. I’m going to put the fact that he didn’t message me again,  down to me me accidentally matching with all of his friends and even the dog on Tinder!! (This has happened on a few occasions, I had to delete my tinder for a week.)

3. Always have some wine before a date so you’re not nervous (don’t get drunk) 

This one time I was soooo nervous due to him being soooooo good looking, I turned up shaking and not being able to walk! My excuse that I thought of on the spot was “sorry I nearly crashed my car on the way here, it aquaplaned across the road”. However, I forgot the fact that we both had driven the same way to the coffee shop and it was in fact sunny outside! (We dated for a while afterwards, until he realised my life is like a Bridget Jones film)

4. Don’t EVER assume a fit guy you see on a night out is one of your ‘Tinder matches’ ! EVER!!!

I saw this beautiful guy on a night out once and convinced myself he was one of my matches on tinder. Sassy Chelsea did her best Beyoncé walk over to him –  “hey didn’t we match on Tinder?” by this point the bouncer had asked him if I was bothering him. Turns out he is a pro rugby player and I’d confused him with an average Jo I’d seen before. To be fair he was very kind, and his friends had a good kick out of it.

5. This is now my biggest rule… NEVER GET DRUNK!!! Stop and know your limit!!!

I’ve done some hilarious things when I’m drunk. Those poor poor men! I’d love to share them but now is not the time or place! It’s safe to say that I’m still VERY single… Hopefully I’ll follow my own tips if there’s a next time.

Extra bonus tip … When you’re drunk never agree to tinderplus! No one wants to pay monthly for dates!!

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