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5 Instant Stress Busters To Prevent You From Losing Your Cool

No one likes an out of control crazy person, so save yourself from the shame of a bust up at work,  aggro with girls or from just simply acting like a psycho and try these calming and mindful stress busters instead. You’ll cool, calm and collected in no time.

Laugh it Out

Nothing brings down stress levels like a good laugh. The louder the better. OK, this might be a bit weird at work but as soon as you get a break get on your phone and bring up something you know will make you howl. Whether that’s cat videos, autocorrect fails or a scene from your favourite comedy film. You’ll feel better for it. If you can’t find anything funny, try faking it. Scientists have found that even a minute of forced laughter can help the blues.


Pumpkin Power

It may not sound like much fun but chewing on pumpkin seeds can help balance your hormones. This is due to their huge amino acid tryptophan content. This clever little acid is actually used to treat depression and it also helps produce hormones which are essential for sleep and general well-being. It might feel a bit funny the first time you reach for the seeds but soon you’ll be munching along instead of storming about.

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Put your Feet Up

Literally put them up! Don’t just raise them for a bit of a lie down, get them right up in the air, elevated above your heart. Blood flow will be redirected and you’ll benefit from calming effects similar to those during inversions in yoga. An instant calm hit when you don’t have time for a full yoga session.


Smell the Coffee

Your sense of smell is one of the most powerful things you have and you can use it to push your hormones back into balance. Sniff coffee or citrus fruit and you’ll see your stress levels plummet. Overloading your sense of smell helps to balance the nervous system, hormones and brain chemistry. Perhaps do this one on the sly though, no one wants to see you sitting at your desk sniffing an orange!


Get Up and Out

Getting out and about into the fresh air, rain or shine, will help clear your mind and if you add a jog into the mix your body and mind will both thank you. As you know, exercise gets those happy endorphins going. Even though going for a jog feels like the worst idea ever when you’re feeling totally stressed, it really does work.

There’s nothing worse than feeling totally overwhelmed by stress but a combination of these speedy stress busters should see you right.

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