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Spring Soul Cleaning: 4 Tips To Feel Fabulous!

As spring approaches (sooner rather than later please) it is an exciting time to think about growth and renewal. But how can we experience this as humans when we are so overloaded with to-dos and commitments that we feel we may explode from stress? American Psychological Association reports that 1/3 of American workers have chronic stress, with 77% saying they experience physical symptoms and 73% experiencing psychological symptoms due to stress.

Therefore in order to experience this growth and renewal it is more important now than ever to release this toxic stress build-up. Just as we have physical toxins that we need to clean out for a healthy body, we also have mental toxins that we need to clean out for healthy living. Mental poisons build up when we are living in a continuous cycle of stress. This leads to worry or unhappiness in our relationships, jobs, and finances. Many times we are overwhelmed by cultural or societal expectations to live as we think we should instead of living by our values and what is truly important to us.

When both our minds and bodies are clear we are free to have a more energetic and joyous life. So how do we do that? Here are 4 tips to help de-stress and rejuvenate with joy and purpose!

1. Release What Is Not Working For You

Look at your thoughts, beliefs, and actions to see where you might be overly stressed or compromising yourself. Evaluate your values and see if you are spending your time doing things that are important to you. If you are not, start getting rid of what is draining you. That could be the clutter in your home, too many commitments or obligations, unsatisfying relationships, or anything else you “put up with.” You can’t possibly do it all and be everywhere at once. Being over-committed or overly busy is not an accomplishment – it just causes burn out. Things you tolerate that don’t align with your true values only drain your energy and keep you stressed. You will have more inner fulfillment and serve others better when you are filled with joy instead of stressed by being busy.

2. Create your top 5 values List

This will help you plan and prioritize your time better and will aid in you releasing those things not working for you. If your activities do not align with your values it is time to evaluate your commitments. For example, if your top value is relationships but you are so involved with work, then you have no time to welcome a new man in your life or maintain connections with your current friends and family. You may want to prioritize your time differently based on your values. Some examples of values could be family, fulfillment, spirituality, fun, integrity, passion, love, accomplishment, etc. The way you spend your time should be aligned with your values in order for you to live with purpose and fulfilment.

3. Set Boundaries

Remind yourself of your values when someone asks you to do something. If it doesn’t align with what is most important to you, say no. It is not easy to set boundaries when many of us are people-pleasers and givers. However, you can’t fully give if you are not taking care of yourself. Have quality commitments instead of a quantity of “things to do.” You will be surprised how much setting boundaries will help you live with more purpose and make a more profound impact on others as well.

4. Live With Intention.

Everything you do should have a purpose and intention. There are some things we “have” to do but most things we do in life are conscious choices we make. Be aware of your choices and your actions. This will help you do that which brings you joy and helps you to more easily release what you are doing “just because.”

How are you going to detoxify your mind and clear out those poisons keeping you stressed? Leave a comment to tell me about the first thing you are going to release in order to start this spring renewed!

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