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4 Reasons Solo Dating When You’re Single Is A Great Idea…

Whether you’re single or not, getting some time to yourself is important. You might enjoy nights in on your own but sometimes it’s better to get out there and enjoy all the things you love with others around you, but on your own. Solo dating can be thrilling and it’s a chance to really get to know yourself and learning to love your own company is a real skill.

Here are five reasons you should consider solo dating, even if it means turning down a night out with the girls once in a while:


The first thing you’ll enjoy when taking yourself out on a solo date is the freedom. No one is rushing you or slowing you down, no one is expecting you to stick to a plan. You’ve got your own time and you are free to do what you want with it. There’s no need to worry about anything beyond your own desires for the evening and if you’re idea of a good solo date is to spend a couple of hours sat in a bar and people watching, with no real agenda, then get in there and enjoy it.


If you’re used to spending most of your time with your friends or your man, then you can feel a bit like your independence is lost. This doesn’t have to be the case. Taking time out to spend with just yourself is a chance to regain some of this independence and enjoy your own company. Time alone is just what your soul needs sometimes.

4 Reasons Solo Dating When You're Single Is A Great Idea...


A bit of pampering is a chance to give your body the love and attention it needs. If you’re going on an official date with yourself then make it special, get yourself ready in the same way as you would for a regular date, and enjoy the whole process. It’s a gift to yourself to truly pamper and value yourself for a special night out, even if you end up doing something really simple and every day.

Rediscover You

There is nothing more boring than a person who has forgotten how to say ‘I did’ or ‘I went’. It’s always ‘we did’ or ‘we went’ and can even become ‘we think’. When you’re involved in a long-term relationship it is possible to lose a bit of yourself which is why it is essential to get time back to spend solely on your own, in your own company doing something just for yourself.

A solo data may be something you only indulge in once every few weeks but you can be sure it’ll become something you really look forward to.

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