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3 Ways To Tighten Your Pelvic Floor – Get it Tight, Get It Right!

A weak pelvic floor (also known as a loose vagina)  is common for many Women and can cause some distress in the bedroom as well as some embarrassing health conditions. But it doesn’t have to be that way…

If you’re worried about vaginal looseness, then you need a lesson in training your pelvic floor. First though, remember that your vagina can’t actually be loose but weak pelvic floor muscles, those which surround the vagina and the vagina wall muscle, can cause that depressing loose feeling and make pleasure and climax more difficult. Here are three tips for keeping super-tight and ensuring both you and your bae are always satisfied.

1. Push that Pelvic Floor

You’ve gotta start with pelvic floor or Kegel exercises to tighten up those vaginal walls. Simple clench-and-release techniques which strengthen your pelvic floor and to find these muscles you have to imagine you’re taking a pee. Imagine this and then imagine stopping yourself mid-pee. That’s it, that’s the clench you need to master to build strength and tightness.

Kegel-Exercises-After-Birth3 Ways To Tighten Your Pelvic Floor







2. Ben-Wa Ball Treatment

Pelvic floor exercises may not be enough on their own if your muscles are seriously weakened. It’s time to invest in a set of Ben-Wa Balls. You simply insert them (using lubrication if required) and then tense your muscles to hold them in place. They are like mini weights so it will be more of a challenge to hold them in place and your muscles will get a full workout.

3. Orgasm More

This has got to be the best therapy ever! One of the best ways of tensing and tightening those muscles is to climax as often as possible. When you orgasm the tightness you feel is your pelvic floor muscle contracting so the more you come, the stronger your muscles get.

If none of these work, go get yourself a designer vagina.


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