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10 Inspirational Women Who Made It Against Adversity

When things are seriously feeling too much and you’re wondering how you can keep on top of everything, just breath. Whatever you’re trying to accomplish will be worth it when you get there so don’t give up.

You’re not alone either, check out this list of women who have overcome  adversity and been through some serious shit yet they’re still here, doing their thing and succeeding. Not JUST because of their skills and talents, but because they chose to never give up.

1.   Drew Barrymoredreee

Before she was even one-year-old Drew was on the TV screen, in adverts, and by the time she hit seven she’d acted in her
first huge film role, in E.T.. She became known as one of the world’s most famous child stars but in her teen years she literally fell to pieces. Drinking and smoking were part of her life before she even hit her teens, and cocaine was on the scene by the time she was 13.

Despite losing many years of her life to some serious teenage rebellion and several stints in rehab, Drew bounced back and remains a key player in Hollywood, with regular film roles. She is also a recognised director and photographer.

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